Family Traditions

A homemade gluten-free taste

Family traditions is a craftsmanship workshop which produces gluten-free food.

A wide range of homemade products, guaranteed and certified: we use the finest natural ingredients and pay particular attention to each phase of the manufacturing process, and every product is a quality, preservative-free product.
All production can be carried out without using lactose.
Furthermore, fresh pasta can be made without eggs.

Chocolate roll
A tray with our products
Our packaged biscuits
Tray of biscuits

Certificates and guarantees

AIC – Alimentazione fuori casa

Out-of-the-home nutrition

We are part of the project "Alimentazione fuori casa" ("out-of-the-home nutrition") promoted by AIC

Authorization by the Ministry of Health

Authorization by the Ministry of Health

The Italian Decree n° AIP 0807 is the authorization, issued by the Ministry of Health, that allows the production and sale of celiac products, after verifying and testing the safety of the health and hygiene conditions.

Control, care and attention to production

The staff follows the rules and norms of behavior with the utmost care and attention and in every stage of production, ensuring a quality product, guaranteed and certified.